Overcome Procrastination for a More Organized Home

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There are tremendous benefits associated with decluttering your home, so why do so many people postpone getting organized?

Procrastination appears to be human nature according to some people, and one Association for Psychological Science article says “people have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to ancient civilizations.”

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Habitual hesitation, in layman’s terms, means putting things off to a future date. Despite our awareness of a task becoming harder the more we procrastinate, we still tend to put things off. Often, it’s because the task seems either psychologically or physically challenging.

Cleaning and organizing our home feels like a chore, and since we were children, we have come to dread chores!

It’s hard to find the motivation to declutter when you are tired after a long day at work, or on the weekend when you are craving downtime.

When your energy is low, the last thing you want to think about is organization. However, there are tremendous benefits.

Many times, the habits we develop throughout our lifetime get in the way, or we simply give-up on menial tasks when it feels like there’s more important things to do – like making a living, going to college, or wanting to “veg-out” in front of the TV, or connect with friends online.

It takes a certain amount of time to change habits, so organization requires patience. 

Habits may include putting off cleaning for another day, letting the clean laundry “hang-out” in the basket all week, or you may shop for things you Asheville Organizing, Liz Stroud Declutter Mavenreally don’t need as a past-time. And then, your house starts to become cluttered.

It’s important to clearly outline the steps to help you achieve your organization goals. If you have a habit of letting your kitchen table become cluttered with books, bags, and mail, then find a nearby home for these items.

You may start by maintaining a high level of organization the first week, but then notice in week two that you are getting off track. The table may slowly become cluttered again. Don’t give up! Get right back on track with using your systems. Allow yourself to have set-backs and know that overtime you’ll make great progress.

One strategy for breaking habits over time is to remind yourself of the benefits.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you maintain a level of organization and put items in a designated place, right away, there is less to clean and put away later.

A decluttered home creates peace of mind, and more freedom to do what we enjoy. Less clutter also contributes to living in a healthier environment with less dust and less hazards in the home.

Many people notice that a well-organized home leads to increased focus. There are less distractions, a higher level of confidence and an improved state of mind.

By focusing on the benefits of getting organized, we can squash procrastination before it takes control of our actions – or lack thereof. When you hear that inner voice saying, I’ll put away the laundry tomorrow, then remind yourself how it feels to have your clothes folded neatly in your dresser when it’s time to get ready for work, or play.

Asheville Organizing, Liz Stroud Declutter MavenUse positive visualization to see yourself as an organized and focused person. This will set you up for success in your reality.

Remember to reward yourself for maintaining good habits, and make sure to measure your progress.

When you make a commitment to getting organized, you’ll benefit from new found freedom. You will see lasting improvements in your ability to maintain your systems, and you will feel much happier.

Remember, I’m always here to help if you are not sure where to start with organizing your home, if you need some strategies, or if it becomes overwhelming to take on this project alone. Contact me for a consult, and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the benefits of a decluttered home.

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