Drowning In Clutter

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Are you just barely holding your head above water? Does it seem like you just don’t know which way to turn to have just a little peace in your life?

If the headline got your attention, it probably is because either this is a problem of yours or someone close to you has it going on. Nothing to be ashamed of, but if you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you or they are ready for a change. Yippee!!!

Change is good, but you do have to want it. Change also isn’t for everyone. Your Great Aunt Martha probably isn’t interested in it. But I bet you are! So is it time to take a stand for your freedom, from this thing called clutter? Clutter can get a lock on you and not let you go. You (almost) don’t know it until a very good friend points it out, or you finally realize you are always spending way too much time looking for your keys and you are just fed up. That’s because denial is a very strong force and we are, (okay you have to be strong here, get ready for it!) lazy. We’d rather watch TV or go shopping or absolutely do anything except get on top of all that clutter and make it disappear.

That’s right you CAN make it disappear. So what does it take? Well, first you have to have  a strong desire for it, always. Then you get someone to help you because it is always easier to deal with clutter when someone is there with you. You need someone who will be objective and push you and help you to let go of your Aunt Martha’s dishes for example, that none of your kids really want. You’ve held on to them for so long. You don’t use them because mostly they are out of date or not what you like to use. You see what I’m talking about?  We have a lot of things like Aunt Martha’s dishes. We just need to start going from room to room and pull out the things that you really don’t love, but hang on to because you think you are supposed to.

You’re not. Let it go and move on. Now I’m not saying it is always this easy. But I’ve been there and after a time it does get easier and you start to feel the lightness in your mind and in your life. Not being tied down by stuff. Oh boy, how exciting! Finally that peace you’ve been looking for. Stop drowning in clutter.

Good luck! Call me for a Clutter consultation. I love to help people let go!

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